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Wisconsin Breath Test Refusal and Administrative Review Lawyer

Quality Representation for DUI Refusal Hearings

Refusing a breath test in Wisconsin can lead to a separate administrative suspension of your driver's license, even if you are not convicted of OWI. This suspension can significantly impact your daily life. At Nero DUI Defense, we will fight to protect your license and your rights.

What is a Chemical Test Refusal?

A chemical test refusal is a serious decision with potential consequences. It occurs when a driver suspected of operating while intoxicated (OWI) declines to submit to a breathalyzer test or provide a blood sample after a lawful traffic stop. While you have the right to refuse, it's important to understand the potential ramifications of this choice.

Can I lose my License for a Refusal?

Yes. In Wisconsin, refusing a chemical test can result in a license suspension of up to one year for a first offense and even longer for subsequent offenses. This suspension is separate from any potential consequences arising from an OWI charge.

What is the Difference Between an OWI and a Refusal?

An OWI is a criminal charge levied against drivers under the influence. A chemical test refusal, on the other hand, is a separate civil administrative action with its own set of penalties, typically involving driver's license suspension.  Keep in mind that one charge does not dismiss the other and it is possible to face both an OWI charge and a refusal consequence for the same incident.

Administrative hearings for OWI Charges

If you refuse a chemical test, you have the right to request an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension. An experienced OWI attorney can represent you in this hearing and fight to protect your driving privileges.

Why You Should Have a Lawyer for an Administrative Hearing

An attorney can:

  • Identify any flaws in the police officer's procedures
  • Argue for a reduced suspension or dismissal of the charges
  • Represent you effectively at the hearing

Don't risk losing your license without a fight. Contact Nero DUI Defense today.

What to Expect From The Administrative Review Process

The administrative review process can be complex but our dedicated legal team is up for the task. Attorney Adam Nero will guide you through each step of the litigation process and ensure your rights are protected.

Don't underestimate the importance of legal representation in a chemical test refusal case. Contact Nero DUI Defense today at (715) 318-7000 for a free consultation.

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